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Slingshot Broadband

Slingshot packages, speeds, reviews

Slingshot Broadband is a great addition to the New Zealand Marketplace if you are looking for a New Zealand ISP.

Slingshot Broadband loves all the good things you love – like brilliant NZ broadband, decent broadband prices, and amazing, good old-fashioned broadband customer service which Slingshot provide from their New Zealand-based helpdesk. Since launching in 1996, Slingshot has been on a mission to disrupt the broadband industry in New Zealand, and give Kiwi’s great value broadband internet, backed with awesome service.

Over the past decade Slingshot have built what they like to call the Better Network. The Slingshot broadband network is the largest independent telco network in New Zealand. This network lets Slingshot drive down costs which they say that they can then pass onto you the New Zealand Broadband consumer. This Slingshot Broadband backbone then helps to provide a backbone that lets them provide you with rock-solid, speedy NZ internet.

They have some awesome broadband prices too. Check out some of these great Slingshot packages and the prices and slingshot offers that come with them on the Slingshot website.

Slingshot Ultra Fast Broadband Plan

Starting at just $59.99 a month these are some cheap NZ broadband packages – With Slingshot Ultra Fast Broadband you get next generation Ultra Fast broadband at your place. That means you can use Slingshot to get faster download speeds mean snappier browsing, awesome HD video streaming, and an all round better online experience. Slingshot Broadband Fibre… it’s the future!

Slingshot Naked Broadband Plan

Pure, unadulterated internet! If you are only looking for a broadband connection and don’t need a home phone line then why pay for a home phone line? Naked Broadband is just that… broadband… that is NAKED! Totally awesome Slingshot broadband and no charge for a phone line you’ll never use. So go on… get naked. You get full Slingshot Broadband speed and super affordable internet without having to pay for a homeline you don’t need. Start from $65 a month for Slingshot Naked Broadband.

Slingshot Phone & Broadband Plans

What’s that? You DO want a home phone line? Well that’s cool. You can have that! With Slingshot Phone and Broadband packages you get brilliant value Slingshot broadband that offer great speeds via ADSL technology as well as a good range of options in the range of data caps. Prices sart from just $74 a month for Slingshot Phone and Broadband packages for New Zealand, which, in a nutshell, is great value. You get some solid as broadband, the home phone line you want and it is all backed with great service from our New Zealand-based call centre.

Click here to check out the latest Slingshot broadband packages

MyRepublic – Get $380 of FREE Razer Gaming Gear

MyRepublic FREE Razer Gaming Gear Offer

WOW. Are you a gamer? Do you want an unfair advantage when you get gaming against the competition on the internet?

Then check out this awesome offer. MyRepublic Fibre Broadband is one of the fastest broadband providers in New Zealand and in the opinion of BroaadbandCompare it is the best broadband for gamers in New Zealand… and if you sign up to a Gamer package today you will recieve an incredible $380 worth of amazing Razer Gaming gear!!! Click here to check if you can get MyRepublic Fibre broadband!

MyRepublic fibre broadband has an incredible offer for gamers… Sign up to the MyRepublic Gamer package and get your hands on $370 of incredible Razer Gaming gear!! That’s right – score some sweet Razer hardware with the MyRepublic GAMER plans. Not only does the MyRepublic gaming package get you some super fast internet connection, it also lets you equip yourself with an awesome set of Razer gear (worth $380).

When you’re connected to the MyRepublic Ultrafast broadband network you are already at a gaming advantage versus the competition… it’s almost unfair when you have gaming speeds like this!! So what are you waiting for?

Sign up to this awesome MyRepublic deal and get this awesome Razer gaming gear for free! That’s the Razer Deathstalker Chroma Keyboard (worth $200!!!) and the Razer Mamba TE Mouse (worth $180!!) totally free!!!

If you’re looking for a new NZ broadband deal and what we think is the best broadband for gaming in New Zealand then this is the deal for you. You’ve heard all about the Fibre Network rollout and how it will send your home surfing and video streaming to LIGHT SPEED!! Well MyRepublic have some of the fastest speeds in NZ with loads of independent testing to back it up.

So you stick your address in the Fibre Checker and then get your awesome Razer gaming gear for FREE!

Check out the MyRepublic difference and see if you can get Fibre here.

Trustpower Broadband

Trustpower may have launched initially as a power company but they also do Trustpower Broadband.

Not only do they do Broadband they do what is currently the Cheapest Unlimited Data Broadband NZ has to offer – just $49 a month for the first year when you sign up to bundle power and broadband together. That is an excellent deal. The broadband price increases in year two to $79 but it is still unlimited and still a great price.

In addition to the broadband, power is worth looking at too… Trustpower power prices are great value – you could save around $120 a year compared to what you currently pay and by getting your power, broadband and phone all together you can save with Trustpower bundle discounts, including 5% off your phone calls. You get a 15% discount on your power when you pay on time (13.5% if you pay by credit card) and if you get your gas with Trustpower as well and you’ll save at least 15c a day with their dual fuel discount.

Everyone needs something different for their Broadband in New Zealand. So at Trustpower, they offer a range of internet options, from ADSL or VDSL to ultra fast broadband. Trustpower offer Ultra Fast Broadband (UFB) internet services to many areas around New Zealand, with the network growing all the time. To confirm that you can connect to Ultra Fast Broadband, and see the Trustpower UFB proces and rate just click though here and enter your address in the box on the Trustpower website – you’ll then know if you can get UFB… if Ultra fast broadband isn’t available yet Trustpower broadband will have a wide range of options that are suitable.

Signup for Broadband with Trustpower and get a free wireless modem. If your street doesn’t have ultra fast fibre yet, Trustpower will upgrade you to Ultra Fast Broadband at no extra cost when it does arrive. Plus Trustpower will even sort out the installation… it’s easy to switch to Trustpower – we’re pretty sure that you’ll save cash too… just one form completion on the Trustpower website is all it takes.

Compass Broadband

Compass Broadband

Broadband, Mobile and Communications Packages

Compass are a very solid broadband provider in New Zealand. Compass Broadband has a number of benefits that you can’t get from some of the other NZ broadband suppliers including no contract deals… i.e. month to month. This is particularly useful if you have a somewhat transient lifestyle or you want to try before you fully commit.

We also have an awesome $50 FREE CREDIT DEAL FROM COMPASS

Get $50 Credit for your account when you join Compass.
Use the Promo Code: 1335396 

To get this sweet deal, just use this Promo Code when signing up online or over the phone.
We will take care of the rest.

Go online at www.compass.net.nz or call 0800 648 888 to join Compass.

Compass operate on a fair and open basis. They will treat you fairly and be upfront with you. If something goes wrong, Compass will get it fixed for you as fast as they can… they know the importance of working internet in the kiwi home because they are Kiwi owned, kiwi operated and every part of Compass is right here in New Zealand, from the customer care team who answer your calls and emails to the engineers who run the Compass network.

There is a wide variety of Compass Broadband Packages and we’ve listed a few below.
Put simply it’s the same stuff under the hood but depends what amount of it you need… there are 3 core offerings.

50GB a month – $69.95NZD
100GB a month – $79.95NZD
Uncapped, shed loads of data a month – $84.95NZD

All packages come with installation, modem etc etc

Compass offer great value broadband services and communications packages. At Compass they balance cost with features and service to make sure that they keep kiwis connected at the very best prices they can offer. Compass are here to help if you need help with anything related to Broadband and communications and Compass Promo Codes and Compass Broadband deals will save you big on your internet!

You can use our Compass Broadband Promo codes when you sign up at Compass whether you call, email or live chat with them to arrange your Broadband. Compass are available from 8am to 9pm every day of the year and switching to Compass is EASY! When you switch to Compass you can expect them to work hard to connect you as quickly as possible and to keep you that way – which is what you want from a new Broadband Provider!

New Zealand Broadband Deals

Obviously with a site like www.BroadbandCompare.co.nz you’d imagine we’d compare loads of Broadband deals right? Well that is the plan… however with time not on our side, (we’re just some tech dudes doing this as a hobby) we really don’t have the time to get all the deals as quickly as they come out… so we’ve had a little look and found this website:

www.FreeVoucherCodes.co.nz – It’s a voucher and offer website that also lists broadband deals and the like when they happen and they seem a lot quicker than us!

So check out their Latest Broadband Deals here.

Well worth a look at all their other deals too – there’s some good stuff on that site! Enjoy


Fibre broadband for 3 months… for FREE from MyRepublic

This is an AMAZING offer from one of the very best broadband suppliers in New Zealand. MyRepublic are looking to make a major splash in the New Zealand marketplace and they have come up with another absolutely amazing deal to win your business and prove to you and New Zealand that when it comes to Fibre Broadband… they ARE the business!

3 months of totally free, unlimited, fibre broadband. That’s right.


When ready to order – CLICK THIS LINK

MyRepublic Free Broadband Offer

MyRepublic want people to switch to MyRepublic to enjoy the freedom of unlimited online entertainment through their exceptional fibre broadband offering and they are willing to put their money where their mouth is… and give you THREE FREE MONTHS OF UNLIMITED FIBRE BROADBAND.

The value of the free 3 months will easily cover the cost of Early Termination Fees that some providers will have in place when it comes to giving them the heave ho and switching to MyRepublic.

MyRepublic Fibre Broadband Offer Duration

This promotional offer is only available from 29 Apr 15 to 25 May 2015

MyRepublic Fibre Broadband Offer Terms

This offer is only available with MyRepublic Pure, MyRepublic Gamer, MyRepublic Pure Gigatown & MyRepublic Gamer Gigatown on 12 month contracts.
A refundable booking deposit of $50 is applicable on sign up, which is deducted from the fourth month invoice…after you’ve had 3 free months. MyRepublic do have an Early Termination Fee which is applicable if contract is cancelled before end of the 12 month contract period.

This is a very limited period offer.

To find out more check out the MyRepublic website – but first off check if you can get Fibre Broadband in your area by clicking here.


When you go ahead and enquire or look to order your MyRepublic Fibre broadband ensure you click on the Broadband:Compare link here.

The portal where you sign up MUST have the name R.O.EYE LTD in the top right hand corner to ensure you get this fantastic 3 months free fibre broadband offer. An example of how the page will look is shown below. You MUST make sure that this piece of text appears to get this ace MyRepublic offer from Broadband:Compare.

MyRepublic Sign Up offer ROEYE closeup

Any questions? then what are you waiting for??

Click through here NOW to get THREE MONTHS FREE BROADBAND


MyRepublic – Free Apple TV & iTunes $30 Voucher Offer

That’s right – an awesome offer from MyRepublic.

Free Apple TV & iTunes $30 Voucher when you sign up to a 24 month plan.

The Apple TV & iTunes voucher offer is only available with Pure, Gamer, Pure Gigatown & Gamer Gigatown – 24 months contract. This is a limited period offer for new MyRepublic Fibre Broadband customers only.

To qualify for this exceptional Broadband:Compare offer you need to ensure that when you click through to check your fibre connectivity you are using the correct portal.

The page you are looking for should have R.O.EYE Limited named in the top right hand corner of the page – this is the only way we can be sure to get you this exceptional deal and rush it through with the guys at MyRepublic. An example of the page is shown below.

MyRepublic Sign Up offer ROEYE closeup

Any questions? There shouldn’t be! Sign up NOW for this is a fantastic Fibre broadband offer from MyRepublic – Free Apple TV & iTunes $30 Voucher when you sign up to a 24 month plan.

Click here to take advantage of this exceptional offer

Rural Broadband Providers in New Zealand

The Rural Broadband Initiative in New Zealand

The New Zealand Government fully understands the needs and requirements for broadband in the more rural parts of the country and as a result of this they actioned the Rural Broadband Initiative with the goal of bringing a broadband connection to 86% of rural customers by 2016.

This initiative has been awarded as a contract to Chorus and Vodafone and is backed by a budget of $300 million NZD. The broadband connection that Vodafone and Chorus are targetting for rural consumers is a minimum of 5Mbit/s.

The plan to achieve this involves Vodafone installing 154 new cell towers and upgrading 387 new mobile cell towers across New Zealand. This has added over 250,000 addresses to the Vodafone 3G coverage across New Zealand.

By December 2014 Vodafone had successfully installed 104 new towers and already upgraded 305 of th other towers, this has already given a growth in mobile broadband coverage in rural areas of 231,010 addresses. The Chorus Broadband element of the Rural Broadband Initiative (RBI) is to provide a super fast fibre broadband connection to the new Vodafone mobile broadband towers as well as linking in with over 1,000 schools, 183 libraries and 50 different health providers. In order to do this, Chorus will be carrying out a number of different upgrades as well as installing 1215 new cabinets to increase the overall coverage on broadband via Gigabit-capable Passive Optical Networks (GPON), Very-high-bit-rate digital subscriber line (VDSL) and Asymmetric digital subscriber line (ADSL) coverage to an additional 100,000 lines.

As of December 2014 Chorus had already successfully upgraded and installed 81,040 lines across New Zealand which have seen an 80% uptake rate.

So obviously as you can see, rural broadband is definitely improving but getting decent broadband in some rural areas of New Zealand can still be tricky… That’s where Broadband:Compare.co.nz is here to help! Whilst it may be tricky to track down a broadband provider in some rural areas of New Zealand we have pulled together a comparison of New Zealand’s best rural broadband providers, splitting out by location and area as well as detailing any particular challenges that may come with your rural broadband connection.

Check out the Broadband:Compare.co.nz rural broadband providers section for specific NZ rural broadband offerings for you to compare and contrast.

Big Pipe

Owned by Spark… the company that used to be Telecom, Bigpipe is mainly about offering the lowest price.

There are a lot of positives about Bigpipe Broadband but it all depends on how technical you are and how comfortable you are with the idea of sorting out most of your own broadband problems…

With Bigpipe Broadband there’s no telephone support, just email.
Bigpipe broadband has no installation charge.
Bigpipe has no fixed term contracts.
Bigpipe broadband does NOT provide a router, you need to buy your own fibre router.

Bigpipe is a naked line which means that you’ll no longer have a telephone line and if you want a VoIP phone you’ll have to make your own arrangements… likewise a static IP address.

If all of that text made very little sense then Bigpipe is NOT the New Zealand broadband provider for you!