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Compass Broadband Promo Code

Compass Broadband Promo Code

Save $50 on Compass Broadband

This is a fantastic Compass Broadband Promo Code for $50 off your first Compass Broadband bill.

You can use this Compass Broadband Promo Code online or over the phone when you ring up to order your Compass Broadband.

Compass Broadband Promo Code: 1335396

50 Compass Broadband Promo Code
Just say you’ve been referred by a friend and the Promo Code number ccan be revealed below!

That’s right – Get a $50 Credit at Compass with this Compass Broadband Promo Code

Visit the Compass Broadband Website to sign up here –

OR call them and quote the Compass Broadband Promo Code: 1335396 on 0800 648 888

To get this sweet deal, you just have to quote the Promo Code when signing up online or over the phone. The guys at Compass and will take care of the rest and you just sit back and save $50 on your Compass Broadband.

Compass Broadband Promo Code Details: 1335396

It’s that simple. If you go ahead and join Compass for your Broadband than this deal from Broadband Compare NZ will save you a great $50 on your first bill! This awesome NZ Broadband Deal will see you rewarded with a $50 account credit! Fantastic! It really is that simple. Get $50 credit with this Compass Broadband Promo Code.

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New Zealand Broadband Deals

Obviously with a site like you’d imagine we’d compare loads of Broadband deals right? Well that is the plan… however with time not on our side, (we’re just some tech dudes doing this as a hobby) we really don’t have the time to get all the deals as quickly as they come out… so we’ve had a little look and found this website: – It’s a voucher and offer website that also lists broadband deals and the like when they happen and they seem a lot quicker than us!

So check out their Latest Broadband Deals here.

Well worth a look at all their other deals too – there’s some good stuff on that site! Enjoy