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NZ Broadband Internet Providers List

If you are looking to compare internet providers in New Zealand than this list will let you get a good idea of the number of options available when you compare broadband plans.

When you look at internet providers in NZ to compare them there are a number of factors to take into account. First off, there is of course internet price comparison and then internet plans comparison (for example the amount of data in your broadband internet package) finally you should consider a broadband speed test NZ.

This list of NZ broadband providers is not absolute and we are working hard to bring our Broadband Compare widget to the market in New Zealand. For now, please use our site for information on internet providers in NZ and to help you compare broadband plans and join our Broadband Alerts Newsletter below to get notified when the latest deals are launched and when you will be able to compare internet providers in NZ.

List of NZ Internet Providers


An Internet access provider, the Clearnet site contains details various broadband access plans available and other services such as domain name registration, web hosting, virtual private networks, high speed permanent Internet access, e-mail, spam and virus protection etc

Spark Broadband

Formally Telecom NZ – Spark Broadband is a provider of telecom digital services to individuals and businesses; is made up of Spark Home, Mobile & Business (formerly Telecom Retail), Spark Digital (formerly Gen-i), Spark Ventures (formerly Digital Ventures), and Spark Network (Telecom Connect)

Slingshot Broadband

One of the brand of Internet services provided by Callplus Ltd, based in Auckland; provides dial-up Internet access, broadband, telephone calls over the Internet etc

Orcon Broadband

Internet access provider whose core business is providing mission-critical Internet products and solutions to businesses, corporates and other ISPs; other services: domain name registration, web site hosting, colocation, etc

Actrix Broadband

A Wellington-based Internet service provider which provides dial-up, high-speed (Jetstream), global roaming, ISDN, wireless & fibre broadband connections; other activities: domain name registration, web hosting etc

CityLink Broadband

A Broadband provider within the greater Wellington and Auckland central business districts; offers dedicated private circuits, high-speed connectivity to CityLink’s PublicLAN, Internet data centre, web server hosting, etc

Compass Broadband

An independent New Zealand company that owns & operates a national and international telecommunications and broadband network, providing voice, fax and data services; has offices in Wellington, Auckland & Christchurch

Worldnet Broadband

Based in Auckland, Worldnet Broadband is a company that Provides broadband NZ, with a choice of ultra fast broadband (over fibre or cable) or standard ADSL, VDSL broadband and phone services

NZFarming Broadband

Internet service provider based in Gore; brings the Internet to the farming community; services: domain registration, secure server facilities, CGI programming etc; site also has links to other sites connected with agriculture and farming

Vodafone Broadband

Part of Vodafone Group Plc, one of the world’s largest mobile telecommunication companies; provides GSM digital communication services; site has info on mobile phones, Vodafone pricing plans, services etc. Vodafone Broadband is one of the largest ISP’s in New Zealand.

Woosh Broadband

High speed, wireless, broadband service provider; offers a range of services from monthly, high speed Internet access to feature products such as Bandwidth on Demand; based in Auckland

Ultrafast Fibre Ltd

Hamilton-based firm set up by WEL Networks to fulfil a Govt initiative to roll out ultra-fast broadband across NZ; is building a 3,000km fibre network in urban Hamilton, Tauranga, Wanganui, New Plymouth, Tokoroa, Hawera, Cambridge, & Te Awamutu

Wireless Nation

Internet service provider (ISP) providing fast urban, rural and business broadband access across New Zealand; based in Auckland; services: ADSL, VDSL, wireless over fibre, cable over fibre, UFB, VoIP phones, satellite broadband etc

CallPlus Broadband

Full-service telecommunications company providing Internet, voice and data services: dial-up, high speed access, domain names, web hosting, managed firewall services, data and networking products, etc

Farmside Broadband

A New Zealand Broadband Company that offers broadband & mobile phone services to consumers in rural New Zealand; based in Timaru Broadband

Internet service provider (ISP) with dial-in access throughout New Zealand; site has details of various price plans, web hosting services, domain name registration, etc

Kiwilink Broadband

A Trading name of Auckland-based The Digital Lab; provides broadband connection, dial-up, naked DSL, VOIP, web hosting & design (SEO, search engine & email marketing, domain names), and IT support (hardware repair, network services)

Now Broadband

Trading name of Airnet NZ Ltd, a company that provides wireless broadband in Hastings, Hawke’s Bay


Internet company with no contracts and no data caps. BigPipe offer ADSL, VDSL & claim to have the fastest fibre connections in NZ.

Unlimited Internet

Unlimited broadband from $59 a month. All the internet you want, with no unnecessary costs. Offers ADSL or ADSL with a landline packages.

Terrible Talk Broadband

A Company in Auckland that uses your Broadband and phone to end world poverty and inequality. By donating all our profits to charity.

2degrees Broadband

Internet service provider who boast that they are all about keeping things simple. They have two plans to choose from and they give you the best connection available. VDSL or Fibre Broadband

MyRepublic Broadband

One of New Zealand’s Ultra-Fast Fibre Broadband providers. MyRepublic continues to redefine the standard of fibre broadband services in New Zealand and the region. One of the BroadbandCompare teams favourite broadband providers.

PLEASE NOTE: This list is not absolute but best efforts have been made to include all major and minor New Zealand ISP providers. If your Internet Service Provider is missing from the list please contact us here and we will endeavour to add any relevant information.

MyRepublic NZ Gamer Speed Test

MyRepublic Gamer NZ Speeds

MyRepublic GAMER offers you an arsenal of features for that extra edge.

Are you a serious gamer? Serious about winning? Then make sure you have the tools for the job!

MyRepublic Gamer lets you Gear up, Log in and get your Game on. The arsenal of features for that extra edge that are available in the MyRepublic GAMER package will give you the EDGE!

With MyRepublic Gamer there is No Peak Time Lag. That gives you an edge. At MyRepublic they buy more bandwidth per user than any other New Zealand ISP’s. This ensures you never experience peak time latency or speed issues when you are gaming through your MyRepublic connection. No throttling here! Check out the speeds in this Speed Test video from MyRepublic below.

Interested? Sign up for MyRepublic Gamer right here, right now. Get your Game on!

Not yet convinced by the MyRepublic Gamer speedtest above? how about some MORE special features?

In the MyRepublic Gamer set up they have “Latency Monitoring Graphs” – these let you, the professional Gamer, track the latency performance of your favourite games on the MyRepublic network so you can see if it’s your skills or your connection that let you down…

By regularly monitoring the MyRepublic network routes to major overseas game servers, the MyRepublic Gamer package ensures low, consistent latency for the most popular games. Ultra-Low Latency gives you an Ultra edge on the MyRepublic Gamer offering.

Sign up with MyRepublic Gamer today – just click through here – you won’t regret your decision… but your competition might… as you blow them away!


Slingshot Broadband

Slingshot packages, speeds, reviews

Slingshot Broadband is a great addition to the New Zealand Marketplace if you are looking for a New Zealand ISP.

Slingshot Broadband loves all the good things you love – like brilliant NZ broadband, decent broadband prices, and amazing, good old-fashioned broadband customer service which Slingshot provide from their New Zealand-based helpdesk. Since launching in 1996, Slingshot has been on a mission to disrupt the broadband industry in New Zealand, and give Kiwi’s great value broadband internet, backed with awesome service.

Over the past decade Slingshot have built what they like to call the Better Network. The Slingshot broadband network is the largest independent telco network in New Zealand. This network lets Slingshot drive down costs which they say that they can then pass onto you the New Zealand Broadband consumer. This Slingshot Broadband backbone then helps to provide a backbone that lets them provide you with rock-solid, speedy NZ internet.

They have some awesome broadband prices too. Check out some of these great Slingshot packages and the prices and slingshot offers that come with them on the Slingshot website.

Slingshot Ultra Fast Broadband Plan

Starting at just $59.99 a month these are some cheap NZ broadband packages – With Slingshot Ultra Fast Broadband you get next generation Ultra Fast broadband at your place. That means you can use Slingshot to get faster download speeds mean snappier browsing, awesome HD video streaming, and an all round better online experience. Slingshot Broadband Fibre… it’s the future!

Slingshot Naked Broadband Plan

Pure, unadulterated internet! If you are only looking for a broadband connection and don’t need a home phone line then why pay for a home phone line? Naked Broadband is just that… broadband… that is NAKED! Totally awesome Slingshot broadband and no charge for a phone line you’ll never use. So go on… get naked. You get full Slingshot Broadband speed and super affordable internet without having to pay for a homeline you don’t need. Start from $65 a month for Slingshot Naked Broadband.

Slingshot Phone & Broadband Plans

What’s that? You DO want a home phone line? Well that’s cool. You can have that! With Slingshot Phone and Broadband packages you get brilliant value Slingshot broadband that offer great speeds via ADSL technology as well as a good range of options in the range of data caps. Prices sart from just $74 a month for Slingshot Phone and Broadband packages for New Zealand, which, in a nutshell, is great value. You get some solid as broadband, the home phone line you want and it is all backed with great service from our New Zealand-based call centre.

Click here to check out the latest Slingshot broadband packages

Trustpower Broadband

Trustpower may have launched initially as a power company but they also do Trustpower Broadband.

Not only do they do Broadband they do what is currently the Cheapest Unlimited Data Broadband NZ has to offer – just $49 a month for the first year when you sign up to bundle power and broadband together. That is an excellent deal. The broadband price increases in year two to $79 but it is still unlimited and still a great price.

In addition to the broadband, power is worth looking at too… Trustpower power prices are great value – you could save around $120 a year compared to what you currently pay and by getting your power, broadband and phone all together you can save with Trustpower bundle discounts, including 5% off your phone calls. You get a 15% discount on your power when you pay on time (13.5% if you pay by credit card) and if you get your gas with Trustpower as well and you’ll save at least 15c a day with their dual fuel discount.

Everyone needs something different for their Broadband in New Zealand. So at Trustpower, they offer a range of internet options, from ADSL or VDSL to ultra fast broadband. Trustpower offer Ultra Fast Broadband (UFB) internet services to many areas around New Zealand, with the network growing all the time. To confirm that you can connect to Ultra Fast Broadband, and see the Trustpower UFB proces and rate just click though here and enter your address in the box on the Trustpower website – you’ll then know if you can get UFB… if Ultra fast broadband isn’t available yet Trustpower broadband will have a wide range of options that are suitable.

Signup for Broadband with Trustpower and get a free wireless modem. If your street doesn’t have ultra fast fibre yet, Trustpower will upgrade you to Ultra Fast Broadband at no extra cost when it does arrive. Plus Trustpower will even sort out the installation… it’s easy to switch to Trustpower – we’re pretty sure that you’ll save cash too… just one form completion on the Trustpower website is all it takes.

MyRepublic launch VDSL as a Fibre Stepping Stone

MyRepublic now available to all!

So you’ve just moved house and you’re looking at getting the Internet sorted and you’ve heard all about the Fibre Network rollout and how it will send your home surfing and video streaming to LIGHT SPEED!!

So you stick your address in the Fibre Checker and then…


There is no fibre in your street yet!!

But don’t fret! Fibre is coming all across New Zealand and the good news is that if you want a fibre service you can join MyRepublic now with the next best thing – Boost VDSL. Once fibre is in your street you’ll be prioritised and hooked up to fibre as soon as possible!

MyRepublic Boost VDSL is basically a Fibre stepping stone… VDSL will give you the fastest speeds capable over your copper line and once you’re signed up the great guys at MyRepublic will switch you to fibre as soon as humanly possible… no admin, no delays!

The MyRepublic Boost VDSL options are outlined in full on their site and you can customise your plan to be exactly what you need. During the sign up process MyRepublic will also ask you some questions about your future fibre install to ensure a smooth upgrade once fibre is available in your road and house.

The MyRepublic Boost VDSL option is only available on a 24 month plan but when your address is fibre ready, MyRepublic will transition you to fibre for free within that 24 month term and you don’t need to do a thing…. as soon as you’re ready to switch up to fibre MyRepublic will be in touch so you can tweak your plan for the very best fibre broadband plan for you.

So what are you waiting for? MyRepublic have loads of great features including a free high speed router, New Zealand based customer service and enhanced video streaming capabilities.
Check out the MyRepublic difference and see if you can get Fibre Broadband here.