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Our best unlimited data broadband offer

Here at Broadband Compare we are trying to work with the major ISP’s to get a complete breakdown of services, packages and prices of Broadband Plans in New Zealand so that kiwis can find the Cheapest Broadband Plan in New Zealand, The fastest broadband suppliers in new zealand and the best customer service for broadband in New Zealand.

At the moment we don’t have all the offers and deals from ll the ISP’s but we do think we have found our best unlimited data broadband offer and that is Trustpower Broadband.

When you join Trustpower for power and broadband you will be able to qualify for unlimited data broadband at just $49 per month for the first year, this then increases to $79 per month for the second year. It has a min 24 month term and exit fees and T&C’s apply. But do the maths on that and you can see the savings you can make on unlimited data broadband from Trustpower.

That’s right broadband hunters!


So what are you waiting for? Click through to their site where you can sign up right away! Fantastic!!

Trustpower Broadband

Trustpower may have launched initially as a power company but they also do Trustpower Broadband.

Not only do they do Broadband they do what is currently the Cheapest Unlimited Data Broadband NZ has to offer – just $49 a month for the first year when you sign up to bundle power and broadband together. That is an excellent deal. The broadband price increases in year two to $79 but it is still unlimited and still a great price.

In addition to the broadband, power is worth looking at too… Trustpower power prices are great value – you could save around $120 a year compared to what you currently pay and by getting your power, broadband and phone all together you can save with Trustpower bundle discounts, including 5% off your phone calls. You get a 15% discount on your power when you pay on time (13.5% if you pay by credit card) and if you get your gas with Trustpower as well and you’ll save at least 15c a day with their dual fuel discount.

Everyone needs something different for their Broadband in New Zealand. So at Trustpower, they offer a range of internet options, from ADSL or VDSL to ultra fast broadband. Trustpower offer Ultra Fast Broadband (UFB) internet services to many areas around New Zealand, with the network growing all the time. To confirm that you can connect to Ultra Fast Broadband, and see the Trustpower UFB proces and rate just click though here and enter your address in the box on the Trustpower website – you’ll then know if you can get UFB… if Ultra fast broadband isn’t available yet Trustpower broadband will have a wide range of options that are suitable.

Signup for Broadband with Trustpower and get a free wireless modem. If your street doesn’t have ultra fast fibre yet, Trustpower will upgrade you to Ultra Fast Broadband at no extra cost when it does arrive. Plus Trustpower will even sort out the installation… it’s easy to switch to Trustpower – we’re pretty sure that you’ll save cash too… just one form completion on the Trustpower website is all it takes.