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MyRepublic NZ Gamer Speed Test

MyRepublic Gamer NZ Speeds

MyRepublic GAMER offers you an arsenal of features for that extra edge.

Are you a serious gamer? Serious about winning? Then make sure you have the tools for the job!

MyRepublic Gamer lets you Gear up, Log in and get your Game on. The arsenal of features for that extra edge that are available in the MyRepublic GAMER package will give you the EDGE!

With MyRepublic Gamer there is No Peak Time Lag. That gives you an edge. At MyRepublic they buy more bandwidth per user than any other New Zealand ISP’s. This ensures you never experience peak time latency or speed issues when you are gaming through your MyRepublic connection. No throttling here! Check out the speeds in this Speed Test video from MyRepublic below.

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Not yet convinced by the MyRepublic Gamer speedtest above? how about some MORE special features?

In the MyRepublic Gamer set up they have “Latency Monitoring Graphs” – these let you, the professional Gamer, track the latency performance of your favourite games on the MyRepublic network so you can see if it’s your skills or your connection that let you down…

By regularly monitoring the MyRepublic network routes to major overseas game servers, the MyRepublic Gamer package ensures low, consistent latency for the most popular games. Ultra-Low Latency gives you an Ultra edge on the MyRepublic Gamer offering.

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MyRepublic – Get $380 of FREE Razer Gaming Gear

MyRepublic FREE Razer Gaming Gear Offer

WOW. Are you a gamer? Do you want an unfair advantage when you get gaming against the competition on the internet?

Then check out this awesome offer. MyRepublic Fibre Broadband is one of the fastest broadband providers in New Zealand and in the opinion of BroaadbandCompare it is the best broadband for gamers in New Zealand… and if you sign up to a Gamer package today you will recieve an incredible $380 worth of amazing Razer Gaming gear!!! Click here to check if you can get MyRepublic Fibre broadband!

MyRepublic fibre broadband has an incredible offer for gamers… Sign up to the MyRepublic Gamer package and get your hands on $370 of incredible Razer Gaming gear!! That’s right – score some sweet Razer hardware with the MyRepublic GAMER plans. Not only does the MyRepublic gaming package get you some super fast internet connection, it also lets you equip yourself with an awesome set of Razer gear (worth $380).

When you’re connected to the MyRepublic Ultrafast broadband network you are already at a gaming advantage versus the competition… it’s almost unfair when you have gaming speeds like this!! So what are you waiting for?

Sign up to this awesome MyRepublic deal and get this awesome Razer gaming gear for free! That’s the Razer Deathstalker Chroma Keyboard (worth $200!!!) and the Razer Mamba TE Mouse (worth $180!!) totally free!!!

If you’re looking for a new NZ broadband deal and what we think is the best broadband for gaming in New Zealand then this is the deal for you. You’ve heard all about the Fibre Network rollout and how it will send your home surfing and video streaming to LIGHT SPEED!! Well MyRepublic have some of the fastest speeds in NZ with loads of independent testing to back it up.

So you stick your address in the Fibre Checker and then get your awesome Razer gaming gear for FREE!

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