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Cheap unlimited broadband

Flip Broadband Packages & Information

If you are looking at comparing cheap unlimited broadband then Flip Broadband is an excellent option.

Flip Broadband use the same internet access network as all the other internet service providers in New Zealand (Chorus) which means that Flip Broadband is just as reliable as anyone else… you can get connected to the internet quickly and easily and you’ll be able to do all the usual internet things that you would with some of the bigger New Zealand broadband names.

That’s not all though, Flip Broadband have invested millions in their own infrastructure which includes their own ‘internet core’ as well as excellent, fast international links. What does all this mean to you and your New Zelanad broadband connection? Well in short it means that Flip broadband can provide the same, if not better, internet connection than you are already used to.

So what is the difference that Flip Broadband brings? Well, being blunt it is mostly their prices. Flip Broadband offer some of the cheapest broadband prices in New Zealand. Yup… we are talking New Zealand’s cheapest broadband prices… but that isn’t all that Flip Broadband have to offer. Flip Broadband speeds are also pretty darn special. Flip Broadband consistently out performs a number of the big New Zealand broadband brands in terms of ADSL broadband performance. So it is not only cheap New Zealand broadband… it is also fast New Zealand broadband.

Customer service a key factor for you? Well that’s fine. Flip Broadband offers an industry leading online support platform for providing excellent broadband support… the Flip Broadband self service support platform is super easy to use and really intuitive… BUT if you do need to get hold of a real person at Flip Broadband then that too is quick and easy. They have an excellent customer services team that is at the end of the phone.

One more thing…. did we mention that Flip Broadband has no contract? Yup. No contract broadband in New Zealand with Flip Broadband is a reality. They have no contracts whosoever… even if you wanted a contract term you can’t have one! That gives you piece of mind and flexibility. Flip Broadband are confident that their New Zealand broadband prices are so competitive that you wouldn’t want to leave anyhow…. here at Broadband Compare that’s the way we think broadband should be.   If you are a New Zealand broadband supplier and you’re providing a good broadband service at a good price for broadband then why would you have customers leave?

Flip Broadband isn’t just broadband either… with Flip Broadband you get FREE national calling! How cool is that? You get free national calling and in addition to that Flip also give you 60 free carry over minutes each month too. Unlike other broadband providers in New Zealand at Flip Broadband they don’t throw away your unused data or calling minutes at the end of every month… you’ve paid for them so you should have them. Flip Broadband solved that problem by providing carry over data and minutes which lasts up to and entire year. Great added extra that in our opinion.
So that’s about all the info you should need to make an informed choice on comparing Flip Broadband to other New Zealand broadband providers.

Compare broadband plans

The packages? We’ve outlined those below:
$60 per month – 20GB Data cap
$65 per month – 60GB Data cap
$75 per month – 120GB Data cap
$85 per month – UNLIMITED DATA. Winner!

So there you have it. Check out all the full details on the Flip Broadband propositions here.