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Compass Broadband Deals

Compass Broadband Promo Code

Compass Broadband Promo Code

Save $50 on Compass Broadband

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Compass Broadband Promo Code: 1335396

50 Compass Broadband Promo Code
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Compass Broadband Promo Code Details: 1335396

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Compass Broadband

Compass Broadband

Broadband, Mobile and Communications Packages

Compass are a very solid broadband provider in New Zealand. Compass Broadband has a number of benefits that you can’t get from some of the other NZ broadband suppliers including no contract deals… i.e. month to month. This is particularly useful if you have a somewhat transient lifestyle or you want to try before you fully commit.

We also have an awesome $50 FREE CREDIT DEAL FROM COMPASS

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To get this sweet deal, just use this Promo Code when signing up online or over the phone.
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Go online at or call 0800 648 888 to join Compass.

Compass operate on a fair and open basis. They will treat you fairly and be upfront with you. If something goes wrong, Compass will get it fixed for you as fast as they can… they know the importance of working internet in the kiwi home because they are Kiwi owned, kiwi operated and every part of Compass is right here in New Zealand, from the customer care team who answer your calls and emails to the engineers who run the Compass network.

There is a wide variety of Compass Broadband Packages and we’ve listed a few below.
Put simply it’s the same stuff under the hood but depends what amount of it you need… there are 3 core offerings.

50GB a month – $69.95NZD
100GB a month – $79.95NZD
Uncapped, shed loads of data a month – $84.95NZD

All packages come with installation, modem etc etc

Compass offer great value broadband services and communications packages. At Compass they balance cost with features and service to make sure that they keep kiwis connected at the very best prices they can offer. Compass are here to help if you need help with anything related to Broadband and communications and Compass Promo Codes and Compass Broadband deals will save you big on your internet!

You can use our Compass Broadband Promo codes when you sign up at Compass whether you call, email or live chat with them to arrange your Broadband. Compass are available from 8am to 9pm every day of the year and switching to Compass is EASY! When you switch to Compass you can expect them to work hard to connect you as quickly as possible and to keep you that way – which is what you want from a new Broadband Provider!