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Broadband Speed in NZ

If you are on this page you are probably fed up with slow internet in NZ, I mean it’s pretty unlikely that you’ll be on this page if you have the fastest internet in New Zealand!

Having slow broadband speed in NZ can be as frustrating as being on a diet when someone is cooking and eating an enormous double cheese and bacon burger write in front of you… with chips…

Well relax… Broadband Compare is here to help you in your hunt for NZ’s fastest internet provider. Everyone’s situation on broadband speeds will be very different with some people easily able to get broadband speeds close to 100 mega bits per second when they download while others have very slow broadband speeds of 1 – 2Mbs. So what can you do about slow broadband speeds?

Well unfortunately an awful lot of it is not in your control. As a NZ residential broadband customer you have no say in the speed of the data moving through an overseas cable when you look at a site in the US or UK… you can’t control when the government and Chorus roll out the ultrafast broadband (UFB) network in your street and you can’t relocate the exchange from down the road to nearer your house… but DON’T despair! There are plenty of factors you can control about your NZ broadband speed… so read on.

Compare Broadband Speed NZ

The first step to take is to test your broadband speed at home and make sure it’s not a problem that you can quickly identify. So, firstly, check your NZ broadband speed here.

Got that number? OK… now have a look at the Chorus website which will show you what speeds you can potentially get and what are the fastest available broadband speeds in New Zealand at your address.

Once you’ve done the test, if your actual broadband speed is pretty much equal to your potential broadband speed then your options are pretty much at a dead end… unless the ultra fast fibre network has not yet hit your street or you are willing to move house!

BUT! If you have done your boradband speed test and it looks like you should be getting quicker speeds then see if you can very easily switch NZ ISP or change your broadband provider. The easiest and quickest broadband speed upgrade is to go from ADSL (normal broadband) to VDSL (a faster form of broadband) but the best option for the fastest broadband speeds is to join the Ultra Fast Broadband Network. This is future proofing yourself and your property with the fastest broadband speeds available in New Zealand but you need to find the best fibre broadband package in NZ to ensure you get the most out of your connection.

If you do an upgrade from ADSL to VDSL you will certainly get a boost. It may go as fast as the theoretical 24Mbs maximum as opposed to the 12Mbs download speeds you receive for ADSL. VDSL also significantly increases your upload speeds which is great if you are putting video, big files or a ton of photos into the cloud for example. The stepup from VDSL to Fibre is another ball game all together and when you move to fibre broadband in NZ you can get download speeds of up to 100Mbs. That is FAST.

So that is stage one. Make sure you have the best possible connection coming into your house or property. The next step is to check out the actual performance of your ISP by comparing broadband speeds in NZ and if their performance when you compare broadband suppliers isn’t where it should be you then you can change broadband supplier if necessary.

One of the best ways to check internet speeds in NZ is to look at TrueNet, an independent testing service, which analyses ISP’s performance for ADSL, VDSL and UFB in New Zealand. Unfortunately it’s not a hard and fast rule as there are a lot of variables and so it is hard to declare an outright winner for the fastest internet provider in New Zealand as it all depends on everything from other users to where you are viewing or downloading from (i.e. New Zealand or overseas pages), how they handle video, and the level of demand the sites and ISP are receiving at peak hours.

For example, one NZ internet Provider could be the best performing ISP for video download speeds but they might have the third or fourth best overseas download speed so if you view and visit a lot of overseas sites they may not be the best for you.

So basically compare broadband provider and compare broadband speeds based on the area that is relevant to you. Got it? One of the fastest internet service providers in New Zealand is MyRepublic and they are someone we strongly recommend at Broadband Compare – click here to see their latest broadband deals and offers.

So, to recap.

Stage one, get the best pipe coming into your house or apartment – ADSL, VDSL or UFB.

Stage two, get the best internet provider for your specific needs

So now we will move on to stage three. You need good kit. So the modem, router and the devices you use to access the internet need to be as good as possible. The best way to liken this is to a car. You’ve got the biggest engine and the fastest, most aerodynamic chassis but now if you put in rubbish fuel, balding tyres and a 96 year old Grandma to drive it you are unlikely to get peak performance…

So use good kit. The modem in your house connects directly to the internet while the router takes the signal and turns your home into a network so all your devices can access the internet. How do you know if your modem is any good? Another quick test. Take an ethernet cable to connect your computer directly to your modem and do the NZ broadband speed test again. If it is significantly faster than the speeds you have through wi-fi then check if your modem and computer has the the latest wi-fi version. A simple version upgrade could boost your performance 3 times.

As an example, one of the latest generations of wi-fi is 802.11ac. This is about three times faster than the previous, 802.11n so to get the maximum speed both your modem and device(s) need to have 802.11ac. If your home PC, Laptop or tablet is a few years old you will probably have the wi-fi generation 802.11ac so it would be worth getting a new router to match. If your devices are older and only have 802.11n, then make sure your router has the same. Only upgrade if you need to, there will be little impact otherwise.

…and the final stage. Aesthetics!

We know that routers are not always the prettiest looking things and the last step is to make sure that your router is located in a spot that is central in your house. If you do all your websurfing in the lounge then don’t tuck the router 20m away in the office down the hall and around the corner as the broadband signal gets weaker with distance and may struggle to reach your lounge and therefore streaming Netflix or Lightbox is going to be a frustrating exercise.

So that’s the broadband compare advice for checking your broadband speed and making sure you have the best broadband speed possible in your abode or office. There is no simple one size fits all option for fixing up slow internet speeds and if you want it to get better then it is worth spending the time but it is well worth it to rid yourself of the swirling wheel of buffering doom!!

Compare broadband speeds and broadband providers on Broadband compare and make sure you have the best deal possible on the fastest internet speeds possible.

Student Broadband in NZ

Compare Student Broadband Deals in NZ

Student Broadband Offers

As a student in New Zealand you need to make sure that your NZ Broadband Plan is the very best it can be. That’s where Broadband Compare is here to help! As you know, BroadbandCompare helps you to compare internet providers for NZ and not just the providers…. most importantly you can compare broadband plans that are most suitable for you.
Some of the broadband providers in nz offer specific packages tailored for Student Broadband. We know how important it is to have a good connection… after all, you don’t want your Netflix buffering 😉

Just joking!! (Kinda)

On a serious note, the reason that Broadband Compare launched was to help people compare broadband and compare broadband plans in nz to find the most suitable package for their needs. A lot of people (and students) won’t even be aware that you can get specific student broadband plans in NZ and one of our most recommended Student Broadband Offers in NZ comes from MyRepublic.

The MyRepublic Student plan gives you all the great benefits that you’d imagine from MyRepublic. We’ve listed some of the key features of the MyRepublic Student plan below.

Student Broadband from MyRepublic

  • The MyRepublic Student plan is called StudentPipe. In order to qualify for MyRepublic StudentPipe (which is a variation of the MyRepublic Pure Renters plan) and all it’s awesome student features MyRepublic have designed the plan in a specific way.
  • The MyRepublic StudentPipe deal is designed for students on a 6 month term
  • In order to get students connected ASAP, where available you will be connected to MyRepublic BoostVDSL first and then migrated to MyRepublic Fibre.
  • MyRepublic StudentPipe is only available with a valid NZ TERTIARY STUDENT ID – Once you have become a MyRepublic customer and have a MyRepublic customer number you will need to send a copy of your Student ID to MyRepublic at – this is easy – just use your smartphone and take a snap.
  • One MASSIVE additional benefit for joining the MyRepublic Student package is that Students who sign up to this bundle will receive an ADDITIONAL FREE GIFT CARD for $20 Countdown Gift Card credit! Winning!

Interested? Good.


We think it is one of the best broadband deals for Students in New Zealand. So check out the MyRepublic student plan by clicking through. Got some questions on the MyRepublic StudentPipe plan?

Student Broadband FAQ’s

Q: How do I prove I’m a student and qualify for this ace broadband offer?
A: A photo or scanned copy of the student’s ID must be emailed to with their customer number included in the email.

Q: Does the Student ID need to be the same name as the account holder?

Q: When will my customer get their Countdown voucher?
A: It will be shipped with the router

Q: Does the offer apply to International Students staying in NZ?
A: NO. The offer is only available to students with a valid NZ Student ID card who attend a NZ university, tertiary institute or polytechnic and comply with our T&C’s. International students or exchange students cannot apply.

Q: Will this offer expire when my Student ID card expires?
A: No.

Anything else? Nope?

Then apply for this great MyRepublic Student package now! REMEMEBER!


Record demand for ultrafast broadband connections in NZ

Ultrafast Broadband Connection NZ

Record demand for new connections means shortage of technicians

It’s all go with the Ultrafast Broadband Network (UFB Network) in New Zealand. Since Christmas 2015 there has been a record upsurge in demand for Ultrafast broadband (UFB Network NZ) connections which means more work for Chorus and other technicians and a shortage of experienced technicians to do all the work… so what does this mean for you the New Zealand consumer?

Well, putting it bluntly you need to be sure you compare internet providers NZ and make sure that get the best broadband plan in NZ becuase it is going to be getting slower to switch so make sure that you compare broadband providers in NZ before you make a change…

Speaking at the start of February 2016 after the release of a report on the status of the industry from the Telecommunications Forum. The Chorus chief executive Mark Ratcliffe said that both January 2016 and February 2016 had seen a record number of new fibre broadband NZ connections and his company, which is responsible for the vast majority of the Ultra Fast Broadband network rollout (UFB) across New Zealand, has had to boost its technician capacity by 30 per cent in the past four months as more people are comparing broadband plans to make sure that they get the best fibre broadband deals in NZ.

The government contracted four companies to meet their objective of rolling out the Ultra Fast Broadband (UFB network) network to 80 per cent of NZ by 2022. In the first month of 2016, Chorus received more than 13,000 new fibre connection orders in January, the highest yet in any one month, and it’s currently completing an average 400 new connections a day…which at that run rate means almost 150,000 NZ consumers will try and find the best broadband plans in NZ in 2016.

With all that in mind it is no surprise that Chorus chief executive Mark Ratcliffe said “We need, collectively, twice as many technicians that we have working by the middle of the year, it’s that kind of magnitude” – here at Broadband Compare we are over the moon that that many kiwis are looking to take advantage of the awesome ultra fast fibre network and compare the best broadband packages in New Zealand!

Down in Christchurch the fibre company in charge of the ultra fast broadband fibre network rollout there is called Enable and they are reporting a similar upsurge in demand with connections doubling in the past three months – which is incredible growth. The Enable chief executive Steve Fuller said its projections had been for the demand to peak in 2018/19 but “we’re now hitting that peak three years early” – isn’t that amazing! Kiwis are on the hunt for the best broadband plans because they are also taking to online video streaming and music streaming services that benefit from the quicker speeds that ultrafast fibre broadband inn NZ can offer.

The Spark chief executive Simon Moutter said that fibre broadband was an “easy sell” but there needs to be a greater understanding with consumers on the process of getting connected. More education for consumers on what will happen at their home with fibre installations need to happen so that when they have finished comparing broadband plans in NZ they know the timeline for getting connected as fibre broadband becomes more mainstream.

Chorus has now said that they have taken a number of steps to improve that experience as the demand for fibre increases and Vodafone New Zealand chief executive Russell Stanners said consumers need to change what they have as expectations for fibre broadband connecting. There are currently unrealistic expectations around how quick the fibre broadband connection will be made, when they wouldn’t expect other work around the home such as a bathroom renovation to be done “the day they think of it”… so like we said at the start of this article, if you are looking at a broadband providers comparison in NZ then make sure you make an informed decision on who is the best broadband provider.

If you are looking to join the ultrafast fibre revolution then we recommend MyRepublic – they are specifically a fibre broadband provider and you can check if your home has fibre broadband availability on their NZ fibre broadband checker which you can find here – NZ Fibre Broadband Checker

Skinny Broadband launches in New Zealand

Cheap New Zealand Broadband on the 4G Network

In the middle of January 2016 Skinny Mobile announced an exciting change in its business and they launched Skinny Broadband.

When you compare broadband offered by Skinny Broadband with other NZ broadband providers they offer what looks on paper to be the best broadband package in New Zealand for a 60GB plan.

Skinny are a company that is quite well known within the New Zealand telecoms sector as a company that shakes things up with different offerings and their broadband offering in New Zealand is no different. With the launch of Skinny Broadband they have brought mobile broadband to the masses and if you are in the right area for skinny broadband you can have a low cost, high-quality, easy-to-set-up internet connection that operates through the 4G network.

An affordable, reliable and fast internet connection is vital in New Zealand today and that is probably why you are on Broadband – well Skinny Broadband may be a solution for you. It offers a good solution which really is no hassle at all because it runs off the 4G mobile network. So if you are after a capped broadband service (60G is the present Skinny broadband capping) at a lower cost and without any hassle then you might be excited to know about Skinny Broadband. You simply plug in your modem to the electricity socket and you’re ready to go – you can set up in under 5 minutes.

When asked about Skinny Broadband launching, Ross Parker, General Manager of Skinny Mobile said “We’re committed to being the best value player in the broadband market and offering the same super low prices and great service that Skinny is known for” so if you live in one of Skinny Broadband’s selected 4G areas in New Zealand this really might be a good solution for you when you compare broadband providers in NZ.

An online address checker is available on the Skinny Broadband website so customers can check whether Skinny 4G Broadband will be available at their home.

NZ Broadband Internet Providers List

If you are looking to compare internet providers in New Zealand than this list will let you get a good idea of the number of options available when you compare broadband plans.

When you look at internet providers in NZ to compare them there are a number of factors to take into account. First off, there is of course internet price comparison and then internet plans comparison (for example the amount of data in your broadband internet package) finally you should consider a broadband speed test NZ.

This list of NZ broadband providers is not absolute and we are working hard to bring our Broadband Compare widget to the market in New Zealand. For now, please use our site for information on internet providers in NZ and to help you compare broadband plans and join our Broadband Alerts Newsletter below to get notified when the latest deals are launched and when you will be able to compare internet providers in NZ.

List of NZ Internet Providers


An Internet access provider, the Clearnet site contains details various broadband access plans available and other services such as domain name registration, web hosting, virtual private networks, high speed permanent Internet access, e-mail, spam and virus protection etc

Spark Broadband

Formally Telecom NZ – Spark Broadband is a provider of telecom digital services to individuals and businesses; is made up of Spark Home, Mobile & Business (formerly Telecom Retail), Spark Digital (formerly Gen-i), Spark Ventures (formerly Digital Ventures), and Spark Network (Telecom Connect)

Slingshot Broadband

One of the brand of Internet services provided by Callplus Ltd, based in Auckland; provides dial-up Internet access, broadband, telephone calls over the Internet etc

Orcon Broadband

Internet access provider whose core business is providing mission-critical Internet products and solutions to businesses, corporates and other ISPs; other services: domain name registration, web site hosting, colocation, etc

Actrix Broadband

A Wellington-based Internet service provider which provides dial-up, high-speed (Jetstream), global roaming, ISDN, wireless & fibre broadband connections; other activities: domain name registration, web hosting etc

CityLink Broadband

A Broadband provider within the greater Wellington and Auckland central business districts; offers dedicated private circuits, high-speed connectivity to CityLink’s PublicLAN, Internet data centre, web server hosting, etc

Compass Broadband

An independent New Zealand company that owns & operates a national and international telecommunications and broadband network, providing voice, fax and data services; has offices in Wellington, Auckland & Christchurch

Worldnet Broadband

Based in Auckland, Worldnet Broadband is a company that Provides broadband NZ, with a choice of ultra fast broadband (over fibre or cable) or standard ADSL, VDSL broadband and phone services

NZFarming Broadband

Internet service provider based in Gore; brings the Internet to the farming community; services: domain registration, secure server facilities, CGI programming etc; site also has links to other sites connected with agriculture and farming

Vodafone Broadband

Part of Vodafone Group Plc, one of the world’s largest mobile telecommunication companies; provides GSM digital communication services; site has info on mobile phones, Vodafone pricing plans, services etc. Vodafone Broadband is one of the largest ISP’s in New Zealand.

Woosh Broadband

High speed, wireless, broadband service provider; offers a range of services from monthly, high speed Internet access to feature products such as Bandwidth on Demand; based in Auckland

Ultrafast Fibre Ltd

Hamilton-based firm set up by WEL Networks to fulfil a Govt initiative to roll out ultra-fast broadband across NZ; is building a 3,000km fibre network in urban Hamilton, Tauranga, Wanganui, New Plymouth, Tokoroa, Hawera, Cambridge, & Te Awamutu

Wireless Nation

Internet service provider (ISP) providing fast urban, rural and business broadband access across New Zealand; based in Auckland; services: ADSL, VDSL, wireless over fibre, cable over fibre, UFB, VoIP phones, satellite broadband etc

CallPlus Broadband

Full-service telecommunications company providing Internet, voice and data services: dial-up, high speed access, domain names, web hosting, managed firewall services, data and networking products, etc

Farmside Broadband

A New Zealand Broadband Company that offers broadband & mobile phone services to consumers in rural New Zealand; based in Timaru Broadband

Internet service provider (ISP) with dial-in access throughout New Zealand; site has details of various price plans, web hosting services, domain name registration, etc

Kiwilink Broadband

A Trading name of Auckland-based The Digital Lab; provides broadband connection, dial-up, naked DSL, VOIP, web hosting & design (SEO, search engine & email marketing, domain names), and IT support (hardware repair, network services)

Now Broadband

Trading name of Airnet NZ Ltd, a company that provides wireless broadband in Hastings, Hawke’s Bay


Internet company with no contracts and no data caps. BigPipe offer ADSL, VDSL & claim to have the fastest fibre connections in NZ.

Unlimited Internet

Unlimited broadband from $59 a month. All the internet you want, with no unnecessary costs. Offers ADSL or ADSL with a landline packages.

Terrible Talk Broadband

A Company in Auckland that uses your Broadband and phone to end world poverty and inequality. By donating all our profits to charity.

2degrees Broadband

Internet service provider who boast that they are all about keeping things simple. They have two plans to choose from and they give you the best connection available. VDSL or Fibre Broadband

MyRepublic Broadband

One of New Zealand’s Ultra-Fast Fibre Broadband providers. MyRepublic continues to redefine the standard of fibre broadband services in New Zealand and the region. One of the BroadbandCompare teams favourite broadband providers.

PLEASE NOTE: This list is not absolute but best efforts have been made to include all major and minor New Zealand ISP providers. If your Internet Service Provider is missing from the list please contact us here and we will endeavour to add any relevant information.

Compass Broadband Promo Code

Compass Broadband Promo Code

Save $50 on Compass Broadband

This is a fantastic Compass Broadband Promo Code for $50 off your first Compass Broadband bill.

You can use this Compass Broadband Promo Code online or over the phone when you ring up to order your Compass Broadband.

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Compass Broadband Promo Code Details: 1335396

It’s that simple. If you go ahead and join Compass for your Broadband than this deal from Broadband Compare NZ will save you a great $50 on your first bill! This awesome NZ Broadband Deal will see you rewarded with a $50 account credit! Fantastic! It really is that simple. Get $50 credit with this Compass Broadband Promo Code.

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MyRepublic – SIX months HALF PRICE fibre broadband.

MyRepublic Half Priced Fibre Broadband

6 months fibre broadband at $44.99 per month*

To celebrate summer MyRepublic have got an awesome offer going and are giving you the opportunity to have six months fibre broadband half priced if you sign up before the end of February 2016!

6 months half price myrepublic

To clarify that. We are talking unlimited broadband, free router or modem and free install for ONLY $44.99/mth for the first 6 months. This is a fantastic MyRebublic Broadband deal for New Zealand! When you compare broadband prices in NZ from other ISPs you will see this is a great broadband deal.

Simply use the MyRepublic Promo Code below to get this amazing fibre broadband offer. Just click through below to the MyRepublic site, complete the install application and sit back, relax and enjoy the benefits of pure internet freedom this summer with 6 months fibre broadband for only $44.99 a month*

To take advantage of this awesome MyRepublic offer you need to use the promo code LOCALSUMMER when you sign-up as a new customer. But hurry! This offer is for a limited time only.

*Terms and Conditions: Offer valid for Pure or Gamer plans on a 24-month contract, with half priced broadband only for the first 6 months. Offer valid until 29-FEB-2016. Offer valid for new customers only. Free standard Installation. Add-ons excluded. For full terms and conditions visit


When you go ahead and enquire or look to order your MyRepublic Fibre broadband ensure you click on the Broadband:Compare link here.

The portal where you sign up MUST have the name R.O.EYE LTD in the top right hand corner to ensure you get this fantastic 3 months free fibre broadband offer. An example of how the page will look is shown below. You MUST make sure that this piece of text appears to get this ace MyRepublic offer from Broadband:Compare.

MyRepublic Sign Up offer ROEYE closeup

Any questions? then what are you waiting for??




Compare Broadband Plans

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If you are looking to compare broadband plans to find cheap unlimited broadband in New Zealand you have certainly come to the right website… BUT… you’re a bit early! We have not quite yet finished our incredible tool to help you find the cheapest broadband internet plan when you compare broadband providers in NZ.

Leave your details below – no spam we promise – you’ll just get told when our broadband price comparison engine launches and then you can come back to compare broadband prices to help you get the cheapest broadband internet in New Zealand!

Leave your details with Broadband Compare below. Thanks… and happy hunting for cheap broadband plans we hope you find some useful info on the Broadband Compare website!