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MyRepublic was launched in Singapore in June 2011 by a team of highly experienced telecom professionals who were passionate about the National Broadband Network (NBN) opportunity. MyRepublic was founded out of frustration with the failure of legacy operators to do anything with the NBN in Singapore.

The old telecom companies either ignored the NBN or used it to serve customers as if they are still in the year 2000, when the Internet was just used for surfing and email. Their philosophy and approach has not adapted to the Internet 2.0. The founders of MyRepublic decided to go beyond just using the next generation network they decided to build a next generation internet service provider… focussed on Fibre Broadband.

MyRepublic have now expanded here to New Zealand having launched in October 2014. MyRepublic’s plans are truly unlimited and they are ready to unleash the potential of the New Zealand fibre broadband  network from Whangarei up north to Invercargill down in south.

MyRepublic believe in delivering an awesome internet experience for all kiwis at mass market prices. All this with no lag, no limits  and no holding back.

Beyond ultra-fast internet access, MyRepublic’s Pure, Gamer and Business fibre broadband  plans provide a customised, enhanced level of service that goes far beyond what is possible  on older technologies such as ADSL, VDSL or Cable.

MyRepublic started in Singapore in 2011, where they shifted the internet provider landscape dramatically  and now they have arrived in New Zealand where they plan to do the same here.  MyRepublic are 100% committed to delivering the benefits of the Ultra Fast Broadband Network for all kiwis.


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  1. Big fan of MyRepublic… awesome customer service, super quick speeds and a very fair price… not much more you can want from your fibre really?

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