Bigpipe Broadband

Big Pipe

Owned by Spark… the company that used to be Telecom, Bigpipe is mainly about offering the lowest price.

There are a lot of positives about Bigpipe Broadband but it all depends on how technical you are and how comfortable you are with the idea of sorting out most of your own broadband problems…

With Bigpipe Broadband there’s no telephone support, just email.
Bigpipe broadband has no installation charge.
Bigpipe has no fixed term contracts.
Bigpipe broadband does NOT provide a router, you need to buy your own fibre router.

Bigpipe is a naked line which means that you’ll no longer have a telephone line and if you want a VoIP phone you’ll have to make your own arrangements… likewise a static IP address.

If all of that text made very little sense then Bigpipe is NOT the New Zealand broadband provider for you!

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